Curriculum Review Team:
Coordinator: Darla Wilkerson
Members: All ACRE Organizational Members with approved curriculum have trainers serving on this team.
Membership/Strategic Planning Committee:
Exploring the expansion of ACRE's membership and Strategic Planning.
Chair: Dale Verstegen
Members: Wendy Quarles, Darla Wilkerson
Professional Level Curriculum Review Development Committee:
Exploring multiple areas for a professional level curriculum (transition, Customized Employment, Self-Employment, etc.)
Chair: Judi Goldston
Members: Phil Chase, Cary Griffin, Beth Keeton, Sue Ann Morrow, Joe Murphy, Adele Patrick, Michelle Sprawling    
Professional Development Committee:
Co-Chairs: Laurie Ford & Martha Garber
Website and Listserve Committee:
Chair: Cecilia Gandolfo
Members: Patty Cassidy, Katty Inge, Judi Goldston, Michelle Sparling, Phil Chase & Crystal George