Committees & Teams

Professional Development & Membership Committee:

Chair: Shauna Roman, and Michelle Sparling
Members: Tia Gaguily, Janet Estervig, Sara Snyder, and Ellen Amudipe

Website and Listserve Committee:

Chair: Cecilia Gandolfo,
Members: Patty Cassidy, Phil Chase, Amber Cory, Lara Enein-Donovan, Lucy Gafford, Judi Goldston, Katty Inge,  Michelle Sparling,  Jackie Tijerina, Zach Catarelli.


Curriculum Review Team:

Organizer: Michelle Sparling
ACRE members are asked to be involved in the curriculum review process.
All ACRE Training Entities are expected to be involved in curriculum review each year.

New ACRE Certificates & Competencies Team

Exploring new areas for competencies creation (transition, self-employment, etc.)