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Contact Person: Shanti McKenna

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Name or Title of ACRE Training: Employment Services Foundational Course   

Description of ACRE Training Program:

This course series is intended to provide the essential processes, tools and resources necessary for staff who are in the early stages of providing employment services to job seekers in Vermont.  This Foundation Course is the initial course in the series and is a prerequisite to the other disability specific introductory courses in the series.

Upon the completion of the foundation course and one of the disability specific introductory courses (Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health or Transition), an ACRE (Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators) Certificate of Achievement will be issued.  The completion of the ACRE Certificate and a minimum of 1 year of experience as an Employment Specialist will also prepare one to take the national Certified Employment Support Professionals (CESP) examination and receive the CESP Certificate.

Assisting job seekers from vulnerable populations achieve integrated employment outcomes of their choice requires employment staff to be competent in effective discovery and assessment, job development and placement; employer outreach and negotiation; and workplace supports. This on-line, instructor-led, 9 week, 30 hour Foundation Course provides sufficient depth to be valued across multiple levels of the CWS initiative, specific to the service delivery environment in Vermont; one that will enhance the quality of employment services to local employers; and increase the likelihood of successful employment outcomes. Employment specialists taking advantage this course series will be better equipped to serve as labor market intermediaries - not just assisting the people they serve in obtaining employment, but establishing a return on investment for employers as well.  The Foundation Course consists of the following:

Instructor-Led Modules (4)

1. Application of Core Values and Principles of Practice

2. Individualized Assessment and Employment/Career Planning

3. Community Research and Job Development

4. Workplace and Related Supports

Basic Level or Professional Level:  Basic

Training Format: