Community Integrated Services (Pennsylvania)

Organizational Address: 441 N 5th St Suite 101 - Philadelphia, PA 19123

Contact Person: Zach Catarelli

Contact Person Phone Number: (802) 258-8844                                            

Contact Person Email Address:

Name or Title of ACRE Training: Foundations of Community Integrated Employment

Description of ACRE Training Program:
Foundations of Community Integrated Employment is designed to provide an overview of the wide range of skills and knowledge one will need to become a successful employment support professional. Offered as a 40-hour, instructor-lead classroom and fieldwork course, the bulk of content is broken up into 4 domains:

·      Application of Core Values and Principles to Practice

·      Individualized Assessment and Career Planning

·      Community Research and Job Development

·      Workplace and Related Supports.

The training also takes an in-depth look at enhancing careers, social security and benefits counseling, and supporting people on the autism spectrum in the workplace. Through lecture, discussion, classroom exercises, field work assignments, and examining print, film, and other media, trainees will develop a solid foundation of knowledge with which to perform the many functions of an employment support professional.  

Basic Level or Professional Level: Basic Level

Where training is available: Pennsylvania, with plans to extend to Delaware and other neighboring states in the near future.

Names of Trainers: Zach Catarelli, Mike Levin, Angelina Bush, Jessica Sances

Training Format: