Curriculum Review Process

An ACRE Curriculum Review Team (5-8 members) is responsible for the management of ACRE’s curriculum review process. This team reflects the diversity found in current ACRE membership (universities, training entities, online and in-person providers, etc.). 

A point person for the Curriculum Review Team is listed on the Committees page. Documentation is sent to this person, who recruits specific review team members (2-3 people). Each submitted curriculum and supporting information will be reviewed by that team.  

A determination to accept or reject the request is made and communicated to the applicant within 90 days. If the team does not feel that the curriculum is ready for approval, feedback is given as to areas needing to be addressed or additional information needed.

Once the trainers and curriculum are approved, the applicant receives a sample certificate and the ACRE logo, directions for submitting names of students completing course requirements to the ACRE website, etc.

All certificate providers must go through a re-credentialing review process every 5 years. This review focuses strictly on the curriculum. No letters of reference or staff summaries are required unless there have been staff changes. If there have been staff changes, the entity must provide the trainer information listed above.

Each ACRE member is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the training which was approved. Trainers will also be held responsible for understanding the competencies and how they are addressed through the training.