Focus Behavioral Health, Inc.

Organization Address: 643 Frederick St. Hanover, PA 17331

Name/Title of ACRE Training: Focus ACRE Basic Employment Service Training

Contact Person Name: Nicholas Mudgett      Phone:  717-688-0361        Email:

Description of ACRE Training: (structure of training, modules, etc.)

This training is broken into both online and In-person training events.

Students are required to complete 6 online modules, 4 in-person modules, and 6 field assignments

What type of ACRE Curriculum is this?  X Basic Employment Service       

States where training is available: (any? or specify which): Pennsylvania

Names of All Trainer Names:

Nicholas Mudgett               Brandon Gadberry

Jim Bryan                            Jessica Peters

Sean Cusack                       Beth Redling

Huguette Caputo                Matt Ridley

Training Format: 
Hybrid: Online/Face-to-Face