Griffin-Hammis Associates/Ctr. for Social Capital - Online

Organizational Address: 5582 Klements Lane Florence, MT 59833

Contact Person: Kendra Yates

Contact Person Phone Number:                                   

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Name or Title of ACRE Training: ACRE Approved Basic Employment Services Web-Based Certificate Training Series Emphasis on Customized Employment

Description of ACRE Training Program: (include details such as: structure of training, modules, etc.) This 12 week web-based course is comprised of 6 two-week lessons, the topics ranging from Community Employment to Job Site Training and Support Strategies, supplemented with archived and live, interactive webinars, work-applied assignments.

Basic Level or Professional Level: Basic

Where training is available (if only in specific state(s), or if training can come to any state): Nationally available

Names of Trainers: Cary Griffin, Ashlea Lantz, Patty Cassidy, Molly Sullivan, Beth Keaton, Doug Crandell, Nancy Brooks Lane, Marsie Frawley, Julie McComas, Janet Steveley, Russell Sickles, Corey Smith

All States
Training Format: 
Hybrid: Online/Webinars