Mark Gold & Associates Customized Employment

Organization Address: 1147 Robinson St, Ocean Springs, MS  39564

Contact Person:  Teresa Callahan

Contact Person Phone:  228-205-4586                                          

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Name of ACRE Training: Customized Employment for Job Seekers with Significant Disabilities

Description of ACRE Training: 

This course is focused on a) WIOA’s definition of Customized Employment; b) The Essential Elements of Customized Employment for Universal Application; and, c) ACRE’s Customized Employment Competencies. 

The 6-day face to face training focuses on the population of people who have significant impact of intellectual or developmental disability and have experienced challenges becoming employed through traditional opportunities. 

Facilitating Discovery, Developing Profiles, Developing Customized Plans for Employment, Visual Resumes, Job Development Representation, and Employer Needs/ Benefits Analysis are topics covered in this 6-day training.  

Webinars will also be available to participants.  Participants will be required to sign an agreement for proper use of the webinars.

Trainers:  Therese Fimian, Milt Tyree, Marion Curry

Training Format: 
Hybrid: Online/Face-to-Face