Networks for Training & Development, Inc. (Pennsylvania)

Organizational Address: Commons at Valley Forge, 1220 Valley Forge Rd. Unit #17, Box 206 Valley Forge, PA 19481

Contact Person: Joe Murphy

Contact Person Phone Number: (267) 251-6168                                                                

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Name or Title of ACRE Training: Supported Employment 101

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Description & Purpose

The work of an employment professional is so much more than “one job.” An array of skills are necessary in order to do well and be successful. Employment professionals need to be competent in all phases of the employment process, from the assessment or discovery phase through to the fading and follow along phase. Each requires a variety of skills and knowledge with a big dose of people skills being of utmost importance as well. The most successful employment professionals connect well with people with disabilities, can assess an individual’s interests, desires and skills, seek out the best possible job match, support the individual on the job and establish natural supports in such a way that the person can be successful on the job independently or with limited supports. These are only the primary roles of an employment professional. A variety of other “duties as assigned” are typically required in order for a person with a disability to become successfully employed. A great employment professional has the ability to do it all.

Networks for Training and Development, Inc. has offered Supported Employment 101 (SE 101) for many years. Given the increasing demands to do more with less, it has been difficult for employment professionals, who are so critical to success for people on the job, to attend training. Supported Employment 101 is now a 44 hour course with six hour sessions (10:00 – 4:00 including a one hour lunch), meeting two consecutive days every three weeks. Homework and lunchtime fieldwork that may be billable to specific individuals, will be provided to each participant between sessions. The goal of this course is to enable job coaches and other employment professionals with less than one year experience to do their jobs well and to provide them with the necessary tools and strategies they need to be successful in their role. We do this through in person sessions, an online discussion board, hands-on fieldwork, and individualized mentoring with each participant between sessions.

Detailed Course Objectives 

By participating in the Supported Employment 101 course, attendees will:

Reflect on personal beliefs about persons with disabilities and employment

Gain a solid foundation in an array of best practices in employment supports

Learn about the numerous organizations and services that support employment of people with disabilities from a local and national perspective

Become informed about up to date policy changes that impact employment services

Understand the importance of discovery and learn how to engage a team to gather relevant information to develop creative job development ideas

Learn the basics of Social Security and Work Incentives benefits

Compare and contrast various tools for assessing skills, abilities and preferences

Learn how to complete a situational assessment in a community business

Gather and summarize relevant information about the results of the assessment process

Identify and use basic strategies for job development

Analyze the essential features of a job setting

Learn how to educate employers on the value of hiring a person with a disability

Acquire a working knowledge of the key concepts of strategies used in customized employment

Learn basic strategies in the development of self-employment and entrepreneurial ideas

Develop and increase expertise in assistive technology and accommodations on the job

Reflect on the importance of balancing teaching and support on the job

Become knowledgeable in the use of a systematic approach to teaching and support for success on the job

Receive guidance from a mentor

Engage in lively online discussion through Moodle

Develop a customized project to present to colleagues during the last session

Build confidence and skills in your role as an employment professional

Network with colleagues and form relationships for future collaboration

Basic Level or Professional Level: Basic

Where training is available (if only in specific state(s), or if training can come to any state): PA

Names of Trainers: Joe Murphy, Michelle Sparling, Jessica Stover

Training Format: