Univ of Alaska Anchorage Ctr. for Human Development

Organizational Address: 2702 Gambell St. Ste. 103, Anchorage, AK  99503

Contact Person: Holli Yancey

Contact Person Phone Number: 907-264-6258                                      

Contact Person Email Address: holli@alaskachd.org

Name or Title of ACRE Training: National Certificate in Employment Services

Description of ACRE Training Program: (include details such as: structure of training, modules, etc.).

The training is 40 in-class contact hours delivered 2 times per week in 4-hour sessions across 5 weeks.  Additional community based skill building activities outside of face-to-face class time are required.  The course is delivered through video conferencing.  If possible, when there are multiple participants in one community, they are encouraged to participate as a group.  The course utilizes 6 trainers who teach sessions related to their areas of expertise (e.g., funding, assessment, job development, on the job support, long term support, etc.).  The course covers 13 basic topics including: Introduction to the Disability Service System; Values and Best Practice; Funding and Service Planning; Social Security Programs and Work Incentives; Assessment; Job Development, Job Analysis, and Matching; Disability Overview; Support Planning; Teaching Strategies and On-the-Job Support; Managing Behavior; Long-Term Support; Ethics in Employment Services; and Honoring Diversity. The course is scheduled each Fall and Spring.  The attendance policy is that no more than 2 sessions can be missed and make-up assignments are required.

Basic Level or Professional Level: Basic

Where training is available (if only in specific state(s), or if training can come to any state): Training is available to any state

Names of Trainers: Karen Ward, Ed.D.; Roger Shelly; Travis Hedwig, Ph.D.; Jill Ramsey, M.A.; Kristin Vandagriff; and Larrisa Cummings.

Training Format: