UNTWISE Workforce Inclusion & Sustainable Employment

Organizational Address: UNTWISE: 1155 Union Circle #311456, Denton, TX 76203-5017

Contact Person: Lucy Gafford, M.S., CRC

Contact Person Phone Number: 940-565-4000                                               

Contact Person Email Address: lucy.gafford@unt.edu

Name or Title of ACRE Training: Supported Employment: Discovering Untapped Talent

Description of ACRE Training Program:

The Supported Employment: Discovering Untapped Talent course provides an overview of the principles and practices to assist a person with the most significant disabilities to work.  Drawing on a variety of resources created since supported employment emerged, the participant will walk through the supported employment process, from the moment they meet a candidate seeking a job, through the job search, skills training and integration into the workplace process.

This course has 10 units covering the following topics:

  1. History and Legislation:  Laws that guide Supported Employment, the Supported Employment services value systems and the emergence of Supported Employment as an employment model.
  2. The Supported Employment Process: Understanding Supported Employment, Supported Employment as a process involving several important steps, the support system as the mainstay of the Supported Employment process.
  3. The Employment Team: The importance of a team for employment to be successful, the value of family and natural supports in the employment process, the role of the Supported Employment Specialist.
  4. The Discovery Process: Methods to obtain information about the person that will be helpful in the job search and matching process, the importance of confirming job skills, Person-Centered terms, and the vocational themes technique to guide job exploration.
  5. The Employment Plan: Person-Centered Employment Planning, key players in the planning meeting, negotiable and non-negotiable employment conditions, essential elements of the Employment Plan.
  6. Job Development: Job Development, Individualized Job Development and Customized Job Development, strategies to work with employers, critical components that are the core of all job development strategies, the discovery process to drive the customized job development.
  7. Job Analysis and Job Match: The purpose and method of a job analysis, quality indicators of a good Job Match.
  8. Job Coaching - Teaching the Job:  How to write and modify a task analysis, techniques used in systematic instruction, when to use adaptations or accommodations
  9. Support for Sustainability: The development of natural support in the workplace, coordinating with partner agencies and community resources to facilitate extended long-term supports, both on and off the job site, facilitate planning, communication and coordination with family members and friends who provide support at home and in the community for long-term success,
  10. Funding: Possible funding sources, Social Security resources that support the job seeker, employer and the provider,  the supported employee and their circle of support on financial issues.

This 40 contact hours training is instructor lead and consists of weekly activities that reinforce learning, with individual feedback to strengthen skill attainment. Activities are based on a case study with valuable resource links provided throughout the course.

Basic Level or Professional Level: Basic

Format of Training (Face to Face, Online, Combination/Hybrid): Online

Name the states where the training is offered: nationwide

Names of Trainers:, Norine Jaloway Gill, MSSW, Crystal George, MS, CRC and Freda MacArthur-Lee, MS, CRC

Training Format: