Utah State University, Dept. of Special Education & Rehabilitation

Organizational Address:

Utah State University, Salt Lake Center 2500 South State St.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Contact Person: Corban Remund
Contact Person Phone Number: 435-671-8903
Contact Person Email Address: corban.remund@usu.edu
Name or Title of ACRE Training: Employment Specialist Training
Description of ACRE Training Program: (include details such as: structure of training, modules, etc.)

The Employment Specialist Training at Utah State University is designed to provide participants with the requisite skills for understanding and developing an array of employment supports for individuals with disabilities. The training is competency focused and will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to develop validated strategies to meet the diverse integrated employment needs of individuals with disabilities. Topics for the training include: (a) disability rights and history of employment, (b) disability and employment

ACRE Competency Review: Employment Services

related legislation, (c) best practices in employment including supported and customized employment. (d) professionalism and ethics, (e) individual assessment, including discovery, (f) career planning and benefits planning, (g) community research & job development, and (h) workplace and related supports.

Participants enrolled in the employment specialist training are required to attend 28 hours of direct contact training, successfully participate in a minimum of 12 field-based hours to complete assignments, and complete and pass an online test.

Basic Level or Professional Level: Basic

Where training is available: Utah

Names of Trainers: Corban Remund


Training Format: