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Virginia Commonwealth University offers the ACRE Basic Employment Certificate upon completion of a comprehensive online course.  The course, The Supported Employment Online Certificate Series is a six lesson course that provides 40 hours of training through recorded audio and video lectures, required reading, practical assignments, and online discussions.

This online training is offered twice each year usually in the fall and winter/spring.  The course runs for a total of twelve weeks.  Each lesson is posted for two weeks, and participants can complete the assignments at their convenience.  Instructors manage groups of up to 25 participants and provide mentor support for completing the course and supporting each participants needs.

  • Lesson 1: Historical Perspective and Overview of Employment for People with Disabilities
  • Lesson 2:  Individual Profile, Discovery, and Employment Selection
  • Lesson 3: Organizational Marketing and Job Development
  • Lesson 4: Job-Site Training
  • Lesson 5: Special Topics (e.g., challenging behaviors, physical disabilities, mental illness)
  • Lesson 6: Long-Term Support and Funding

After completing this 40 hour training & assignments, participants will earn the ACRE Basic Employment Certificate & their names will appear on the VCU and ACRE Websites:



To find out more about this online training contact:
Dr. Katherine Inge, or call 804-828-5956.

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