WISE Washington Initiative for Supported Employment Online

Organizational Address: 16040 Christensen Road Ste 212

Contact Person:  Jim Corey

Contact Person Phone Number:   206 391 8172                                      

Contact Person Email Address:  jim@gowise.org

Name or Title of ACRE Training: Wise Online Academy (WOA) Employment Specialist Core Training Series

Description of ACRE Training Program: (include details such as: structure of training, modules, etc.)  Wise delivers the WOA as a series of four online courses presented quarterly throughout the calendar year.  Each course includes 4-5 instructor-led 2-hour webinars and offline skill building activities presented over a 2-3 week period. The series includes a total of 40 hours of training. Students leave with materials and a certificate of completion for each course.  Students who complete all four courses earn the ACRE certification* and receive an ACRE certificate.

Training Format: 
Hybrid: Online/Webinars