WISE Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (Washington)

Organizational Address: WISE, 100 South King Street #260, Seattle, WA

Basic Level or Professional Level: Basic

Training Program: Washington Employment Learning Network (WELN)

Description: Washington ACRE Training Program (WELN): 

The Washington Employment Learning Network (WELN) provides participants with core supported employment professional training. These trainings help employment professionals meet Washington employment professional core competencies. Three core training workshops are offered in different areas and times throughout the state. Each training session is a two-day seminar that offers a total of 8 training days (48 total hours) of in-class, face-to-face training content.

The four seminars that make up the WELN are:

·     Introduction to History of Supported Employment, Discovery, & Employment Planning

·      Job Development & Marketing

·      Systematic Instruction & Follow Along

·      Social Security & Work Incentives

Names of Washington Trainers: 

Jim Corey, Katherine Titus, Stephen Eyman

Ryan Farrow, Trish Borden, Val Morgan, 

Teri Johnson, Aimee Nelson, Shaun Wood

Susan Harrell

Where training is available: Washington

Contact Person for Washingtong (WELN) Training Program: Jenny Crook

Phone: 503-729-9690                                               

Email: Jenny@gowise.org

Training Format: